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The King of Rock n' Roll


DIRTY DIAMONDS, the latest Alice Cooper CD, was released a few days ago and its FANTASTIC!

To me Alice Cooper is the King of rock n' Roll. I've been a fan of his since 1975 when I saw his ABC-TV special WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE with Guest Star Vincent Price. I am not into going to concerts, so I heard all of his earlier stuff from records, tapes and now CDs and DVDs. His new CD just released is great and its wonderful after all these years he is still producing terrific music for his fans. Long Live Alice Cooper!


Alice Cooper and I had similar experiences with religion growing up and yet we both, despite our faith, opted to deal in "Shock Value" in our creative expression. But despite the surface ghoulishness of our art, beneath the surface is a Christian Soul that comes through despite ourselves. If you listen to all of Alice Cooper's songs since the 1960s they all have a religious message or observation in them. Like me, Cooper was required to go to church alot growing up and when he left his home to chase after a rock n' roll career he at first was rebelling against the church in ways only another Christian might fully see. ALICE COOPER GOES TO HELL 1976 was the most direct attack on his faith. But as the years went by and he got older he calmed down and in the last couple of albums he is actually giving a Christian surmon in his own way, often playing Satan to keep up his evil image while singing lyrics that are pro-Christian and God. I guess Alice Cooper and I are both twisted because we deal in violence and evil as material for our music and movie endeavers but underneath what we do is a firm belief in God and His teachings. Stupid people won't see it though. They only see the most obvious aspects of our work and don't have the intellectual capacity to see deeper into my movies or really listen to what Cooper is saying in  his lyrics. Despite his evil image, Cooper's message is often pro-Christian.
If you filmed THE BIBLE it would probably get an X rating for all the violence, mass murder, corruption and demons and people rising from the dead. Its really not too far removed from what Cooper and I do as entertainments.

Thank you for visiting.