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Screening dates and times for Warren F. Disbrow movies

See your favorite Warren F. Disbrow movies on the big screen at selected venues. Meet Waren F. Disbrow, cast and crew members purchase the DVD and more.




"Invasion for flesh and blood" showing May 19, 2005
at "Clearview Cinema" on White Street Red Bank N.J.
9:00 Show time.  Tickets $7.50
Meet and Greet with Writer-Director Warren F. Disbrow, Warren Disbrow Sr. (Professor Hertz), AnnMarie Donato and Dominic Gregoria (Vampires from  the soon to be released "Scarlet Moon" by Warren F. Disbrow), Rubin Santiago (Mr. Borg), Debbie Boenig (Jerseywood Productions),  Francesca Chirelli, Ted Landers, Shawn T. Reich and Steve Mezo "Tattooed Steve". Including an introduction by Lloyd Kaufman (TROMA Movies) and an appearence by "The Toxic Avenger". 
"Invasion for flesh and blood" showing July 9th, 2005 at "JERSEYWOOD PRODUCTIONS" as part of their Saturday night film series. Call (732) 291-2000 for more info, directions and ticket price. Warren  will be signing DVDs. DVDs will be available for purchase.(Update: Saturday July 9th, 2005 cancelled by Debbie Boenig, who is putting on the film series,  do to illness in family)
Warren Disbrow will be a one day only guest, teaching a class about film and video production at JERSEYWOOD PRODUCTIONS. For more info, directions and course costs contact Debbie Boenig at (732) 291-2000. Seats are very limited (see ad below).
Next scheduled playdate: "ASBURY LANES", in Asbury Park, N.J. Screening "INVASION FOR FLESH AND BLOOD". August 4th Thursday night, door opens 8:00 Movie at 9:00. $5.00 at the door. Live Guest Appearances for this event include Writer-Director Warren Disbrow, Actress AnnMarie Donato(who plays Satanya in SCARLET MOON), Actors Dominic Gregoria(who plays Andreas in SCARLET MOON) and Warren Disbrow Sr(who plays Prof. Hertz in all 4 movies) and Special Effects Artist and monster suit actor on FLESH EATER FROM OUTER SPACE and INVASION FOR FLESH AND BLOOD, Tattooed Steve. The SCARLET MOON tie-in rock video featuring Glorion Blak will be shown too; SCARLET MOON is the brand new, soon-to-be-released, unrated modern vampire feature film by filmmaker Warren F. Disbrow which will be shown at Asbury Lanes too at a later date. The Glorion Blak band will be represented at the show by Kevin Gardner (guitar), Mike Depo(Base) and Joe Skridge(Drummer); lead singer Ronnie Ace Acerra is unable to attend. DVDs of FLESH EATERS FROM OUTER SPACE/INVASION FOR FLESH AND BLOOD will be available for purchase and you can get them autographed by the guests if you like..
What could be better than a killer movie, a grilled cheese sandwich and a bucket of tater tots (yes you have to pay for them), in one of the coolest bowling alleys in the universe?! And make sure to visit, tell em' we sent you.
October 1st, 2005 - Warren F. Disbrow, Warren Disbrow Sr, Annie Donato, Dominic Gregoria, Tattooed Steve, Ron Thoth, and Shawn Reich will be at Chiller Theatre Convention in Meadowslands, NJ on Saturday the 29th. Come out and meet the gang. For more info:




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