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"A great movie! Some of the most inventive death scenes in ultra low budget history, with gouts of goo! And genuinely funny dialogue thanks to one man band Warren Disbrow who wrote it, directed it, produced it, photographed and edited it. 36 dead bodies, 8 breasts,37 gallons of blood, head eating, neck ripping, whandoodle ripping (don't ask), two thermonuclear mushrooms, eyeball ripping, razor blades to the nose, machete in head, alien autopsy, tree limb through the torso, etc., etc..Drive-in Academy Award Nomination to Warren F. Disbrow, the drive-in genius filmmaker, who creates characters so stupid that one of them is a biker who decides to try to defeat the alien lizard man by challenging him to a fist fight!  
Check it out! 4 Stars!" - Joe Bob Briggs,
NY Times
"We were laughing so hard we couldn't see the screen!" - West Coast Projector.
"Awesome looking monsters!" - John A Russo, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.
"The perfect blend of monsters, chicks and cyborgs. A real treat!" - Alternative Cinema Magazine.
"Lots of gore and blood, monsters and homegrown effects" - Cinefantastique Magazine.
"High-budget, low-budget, it doesn't matter! This is the funniest damn movie I've ever seen in years! Warren F. disbrow has created a scifi/gore/comedy second to none.INVASION FOR FLESH AND BLOOD is the best 85 minute vacation from your daily grind that you'll find anywhere. A definite must for your collection" - Draculina Magazine.
"First off, I love the monster design. Yeah, its obviouisly a guy in a rubber costume, but the actual design is gruesome and amusing... with proof here of Disbrow's technical effects achievements, his RULERS OF THE APOCALYPSE is a film I'd really like to see!" - Rob Dyer, Dark Star
"INVASION FOR FLESH AND BLOOD will slake your thirst for perverted misadventure... explosion, random kills, lots of kills, tits, drunken rednecks pissing on monsters feet... did I mention tits? I must hand it to these guys, they put on quite a show! Now i could guide you through the occurences of the film and further assure you that this flick is cool as hell, but what's the point? Make no mistake, this movie is cool as hell" - Mr.Paul,NIGHT OF THE CREEPS
"INVASION FOR FLESH AND BLOOD is loaded with the gore, comedy and fun sure to win it a cult following. I beg wanna-be video filmmakers to watch INVASION FOR FLESH AND BLOOD to see how alittle extra sweat and toil  can produce an entertaining movie that overcomes it's budgetary constraints. Recommended" J.R.Bookwater, Writer-Director.
"Do it all New Jersey filmmaker Warren F. Disbrow throws in pretty good men in rubber suits brain-eating alien monsters, lots of blood and extreme gore, sick humor, drugs, a heavy metal band, rare scifi posters and nudity. Ambitious and actually has some decent acting" - Psychotronic Magazine.
"Very entertaining" - Ed French
"Alot of fun!" - Shivers Magazine.
"Discusting space monsters!" Fangoria Magazine.
"Warren Disbrow knows what his audience wants and delivers it" - Flesh & Blood Magazine, England
"Holy freaken moley! Thats all I can say after watching these two unheralded cinematic gems. I never heard of the mighty Warren F. Disbrow before sliding this shiny DVD into my player to enjoy this B-movie combo, but after having seen his videotaped artistry first-hand, I am impressed. This guy is the real deal. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed these films. Check this DVD out. You won't be disappointed" - Calgary Movies, Canada.

AUTOGRAPHED copies of TROMA's double feature special collector's edition DVD of  the COMPLETELY UNCENSORED, never-before-released Warren F. Disbrow Director's Cut of  "FLESH EATERS FROM OUTER SPACE" and "INVASION FOR FLESH AND BLOOD."  These movies are GAURANTEED to put a hunch in your spine and hair on your knuckles. The filmmaker's are not responsible if you get horny and violent after seeing these movies.
* SEE Marilyn Ghigliotti from CLERKS completely naked.
* SEE aliens chomp on heads and rip off private parts
* SEE 35 gallons of blood splattering all over your TV
* SEE three nuclear explosions wiping out New York and New Jersey low lifes.
* SEE super hero robots threatening to pound people into dog shit!
* SEE a poor bastard castrated three times and lives to tell his tale!
* SEE a deranged Biker fist fight a blood thirsty alien to the death!
* SEE a mad scientist do alien autopsies and evil blood experiments on alien embryos!
* SEE an astronaut get his brains ripped from his crushed skull and eaten!
* SEE beautiful young girls stripping and screwing like there is no tomorrow!
* SEE cops torn apart in an orgy of bloody splatter!
* SEE metal when it ruled the world!
* SEE  FULL FRONTAL MALE NUDITY with Tattooed Steve's dick making its world motion picture premiere!
* SEE Tim Ferrante of FANGORIA magazine get his head crushed into concrete!
* SEE drug abusing whores offering to blow cops and monsters to stay alive!
* SEE your money leaving your wallet because you simply can't resist not owning these two shocking scifi horror classics with all the nudity, violence and gore intact!
Also included on this fantastic double feature DVD from TROMA:
1. A Special Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of THE TOXIC AVENGER!
2. Behind-the-scenes footage of the making of INVASION FOR FLESH AND BLOOD.
3. Original theatrical trailer for INVASION FOR FLESH AND BLOOD.
4. Commentary tracks on both features by Warren F. Disbrow, actor Ruben Santiago,  effects contributor James Cirronella and Warren Disbrow Sr who plays Prof.Hertz.
5. Classic PSA "Radiation March".
6. A look at the upcoming "Make your own damn movie" box set.
7. Web Monkey's bananas.
8. The classic Masturbation PSA.
And more Troma-licious fun! 
Get copies autographed by Warren F. Disbrow, who wrote, directed, photographed and edited every blood drenched minute of these two full length 90 minute features.

Get copies autographed by Warren Disbrow Sr, who plays the vicious Professor Hertz in both FLESH EATERS FROM OUTER SPACE and INVASION FOR FLESH AND BLOOD. (He also plays Prof. Hertz in the soon-to-be-released modern vampire shockers, SCARLET MOON and DARK BEGINNINGS, coming from TROMA).
Get copies autographed by Tattooed Steve , who played the third Vicious Sid Monster, sculpted the Golden slayer head, provided full frontal male nudity and contributed to the Splatter Special Effects.
Signed copies autographed by the person of your choice are $20.00 each plus $5.00 postage. Unsigned copies $14.95 each plus $5.00 postage. USA only. New Jersey residents must add 6% sales tax. That's $1.20 for the math impaired.  ;0)
By placing this order you are declaring you are 18 years of age or above.
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