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Tattooed Steve ® Return of the scrub!

My return to the land of VEI.

Scrub (Sk-rub): (A) Garments worn by hospital staff. (B) One who is not smart enough to be a nerd but not asshole enough to be a scumbag.
It's been nothing but great being back with Warren. I figured since I gave a whole lotta back story I might as well continue with the whole adventure "Wow it's kind of like Tolken, just without the ring, or the Monsters or the towers or..."
Anyway I just thought you might like some more views behind the curtian.
We've been working on the web site "obviously" and working hard on promoting the first two of "The Big Four". We call them the big four because they are being distributed world wide (Okay two are the other two will be) And because they will be the last funny ones for a little while because we know we can create funny, now we want to concentrate our powers on scaring your asses.
So back to the fun stuff. TROMA will be releasing "Scarlet Moon" soon and Warren will be doing the final edits and I'll be doing the CGI F/X on it's sequel "Dark Beginnings".
Warren had let me borrow a DVD with the work print of "Scarlet Moon". For those of you not in the know it's the movie without all of the music, sound effects, and some test footage thrown in. The first time I watched it I was kind of critical about it because I watched it as a fellow filmmaker and was looking at it with allot of hindsight (Because I wasn't there to build or help). So I kept it around my office and played it in the background while I worked. This made me sit down and watch it from the start as a fan. I turned off the filmmaker part of my brain and watched it like a normal person.
All I can say is "He did it again!" I could not stop cracking up at the comedy bits. Dominick Gregoria (From "THE RAG" newspaper) was a laugh riot as "Andreas" the vampire. And was great with Warren Disbrow Sr. reprising his role as "Professor Hertz". AnnMarie Donato as "Satana" the artistic vampire kicked ass with Warren (who makes a cameo). Then he had Collin "Smoke" the drug abusing vampire with his "Jeff Goldblum" way of speaking. Even Guy Camillri "Crowley" had a great comedic moment.
"Scarlet Moon" is currenly out in video retailers on the web and in stores and all I have to say is the movie kicks ass all around, and I can't wait to get to see the Director's cut of "Dark Beginnings". Which will be released soon by TROMA DVD.
Other than that it's just been doing interviews, adding to the press kits (Available to investors and entertainment reporters), promoting "Flesh Eaters From Outer Space" and "Invasion For Flesh And Blood", working out merchandising deals, working on the web site and doing some of the CGI F/X for Warren's (Director's cut) of "Dark beginnings".    
(To be continued)       

Thank you for visiting.