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Tattooed Steve's ® Timeline Part 2

Where in the world is "Tattooed Steve"?

When I was at Hollowgraves Haunted Attraction.

I'm not doing these pages to take away from Warren's story, but to fill it out and give you (The reader) a little backstory to how we came to work together again.
After I had delt with the things I had to at home I was at a real crossroads in my life. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back to filmmaking or settle down with a (what you mortals call a Real Job). I had chosen the latter not because of anything bad it just seemed like the thing to do. I had taken work in factories for a while, but thanks to NAFTA and free trade I was forced into a string of retail jobs. (Not that working retail is a bad thing, sometimes I wish I could be happy with being a company man. But entertainment owns my soul). And I had gotten married so I had the responsibilty of an apartment to think about too. 
So I had trolled along in my retail existance for a few years. Then had thrown more money than I should have into graphic school which led nowhere. Then one Easter my wife and I decided to go to Keansburg Boardwalk. There was a new haunted attraction there so we decided to take a look see. When we were in there we were blown away by the sets and animatronic creatures. We had told the then manager/promoter "Larry" how much we liked it and he introduced us to the owner "Stan Ambro" (Who is the drummer for "Against The Grain"). We had talked to him and hit it off after that I was working for him at "Hollowgraves Haunted Manor" building props and learning how to make animatronic creatures. As well as more ins and outs of the entertainment and promotion business from Larry. Then through them I was able to do work with "The Brothers Grim Circus Side Show" and had even more training on showmanship. As well as getting to work with some of the biggest acts in the sideshow business.
The whole time my Wife Jackie has supported me and had my back through all the ups and downs with this business, where any other woman would have yelled "Knock the crap off and get a real job!" But she knows I love her, cherish her, appreciate everything she does and she is the only owner of my heart. And she knows my star on the walk of fame is waiting for me. 
I felt the need to move on with the entertianment business and had reunited with Bennett (Mr. B) and became manager of "The Costume Shop" and well as a performer for "Mr. B's Entertainment". A good two years had gone by and I was contacted by Shawn T. Reich. We keep in touch, but it's usualy quick emails because we're both always working. And he had told me about Flesh Eaters being picked up by TROMA then I had found out through another friend Dave (Who's a huge TROMA fan) that it was being shown at the Clear View Cinema in Red Bank. I had went there with Jackie, my mother and my aunt and saw Warren. It was really cool because it was like the time had never went by. We got caught up on the last thousand years and here we are on the web today.
The only regret I have was not being there for him during "Scarlet Moon" where I'm sure he could have really used me. But I'm back and ready to get to work on promoting Felsh Eaters, Invasion, Scarlet and Dark Beginnings. Then we will tackle "Diabolical". Better not turn off the lights while watching this one because we're leaving all the humor on a shelf in a shoebox.         

Tattooed Steve ® 2005 ©

The hottie that is my wife!

Hollowgraves Haunted Manor

Stan's "Martha" she too talks and moves.

Stan's creation Ichabod (He talks moves and stands)

Ruby (Static prop) by Jackie and Tattooed Steve

Oscar (Static prop) Tattooed Steve

Stan's "The Librarian" (Talks and movies) and has Jackie's voice.

Stan Ambro and Tattooed Steve after a long night of haunting.

"Stan Ambro" (first on the left) "Billy Milano" and "Against The Grain".

Bros. Grim Circus Sideshow

Ken Hark and me. He loves my Uncle Fester impersonation.

Having lunch with The Human Marvels and John Watt from Hallowgraves Haunted Manor.

After working the show with Danyelle (Slymenstra from GWAR) and John.

Promo shot with The Human Marvels

At The Costume Shop.
"Let's assume for a minute that I'm in business to make money..."


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