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MAY 2, 2008 -
HAUNTED HAY RIDE: THE MOVIE is finished, DARK BEGINNINGS will be completed in two weeks and looks amazing and HAUNTING OF HOLLY HOUSE is in pre-production. And our own distribution company is coming together.
DECEMBER 26TH 2007 - Nearing completion is Warren F. Disbrow's SAMHAIN 1: HAUNTED HAY RIDE: THE MOVIE. HAUNTED HAY RIDE:THE MOVIE began filming in October and will be completed the early part of January 2008. Its the first in series of movies to be written and directed by Warren Disbrow, all designed to be filmed over a three month period each, making for an output of three movies a year.
A very popular MySpace page has been set up for HAUNTED HAY RIDE: THE MOVIE, featuring video clips, behind the scenes photographs and actual frame grabs from the movie as a slide show.
Other MySpace pages will be created for the other movies too, since, as a paid for hosting service, does NOT provide its customers with the ability to offer video and audio clips like the "FREE" MySpace does!
The second feature film, SAMHAIN 2: THE HAUNTING OF HOLLY HOUSE, will commence shooting in February 2008 and the third feature, SAMHAIN 3: HAUNTED JUNKYARD starts filming in June/July 2008.
The current plan is to continue to make three features a year, and possibly start a new video label to release these movies. The new distribution company would also handle movies from other filmmakers. This move is to eliminate a very expensive middle man, the established distributors,  who eat up all the profits. We, as filmmakers, would get the lion's share instead. 

July 30th 2007 - the next movie, FALLEN ANGELS (AKA DEADLY CLOCK TOWER), is at script stage. The First Draft in nearly finished.  Casting will commence in a few months. Mike Lee is slated to handle the CGI Effects. Jade Green of Cafe Theatre NJ and Dominic Gregoria will be involved.
Nov 19 2006 - INVASION FOR FLESH AND BLOOD and FLESH EATERS FROM OUTER SPACE now officially available in FRANCE! SCARLET MOON pending on a French distribution deal. INVASION, FLESH EATERS and SCARLET MOON are being imported or pirated in several different countries, which proves they all have a market across the world. Official releases blanket the countries and raise public awareness of these movies while producing much higher volume "legal" sales, so even though the movies may already be in various countries the official releases obviously have far bigger impact in all kinds of ways. More details to come.
News Update - DARK BEGINNINGS. The cgi effects are nearly complete on DARK and there are several offers for distribution including of course Troma and, on the West Coast, Brain Damage. So far Brain Damage is offering the best deal for distribution rights to DARK.
Brain Damage is also interested in handling the markets Troma does not have the rights to in the USA and Canada, plus Europe and Asia, including foreign DVD distribution, Cable-TV and other markets, for SCARLET MOON, INVASION and FLESH EATERS. More info pending.

A full page article on Disbrow with pictures appears in the current October 26th, 2006 issues of THE EXAMINER out of Allentown NJ, THE HUB out of Redbank NJ and THE ATLANTICVILLE out of Long Branch NJ.
Disbrow is also on the radio Halloween night on WBJB 90.5 the NIGHT as part of a Halloween show called FICTION, FILM AND FOLKLORE, produced by Leo Zaccari. The show's other guests include authors Kimberly Warner Cohen, Brian Keene, Deborah LaBlanc, James A Moore and John Skipp. Music by BAUHAUS,  BEDTIME FOR ROBOTS, GIRLS UNDER GLASS and TONES ON TAIL.
Disbrow will be at CHILLER horror convention on Saturday October 27th. More info:
DARK BEGINNINGS, Disbrow's latest shocker, will premiere at the upcoming Garden State Film Festival. More info to follow.
Pre-production has commenced on his next movie THE DEADLY CLOCKTOWER set for a Spring shoot. CGI effects will be handled by MIchael Lee. THE DEADLY CLOCKTOWER will be a dark, grim
serious movie; a departure from his previous movies.

News Flash! Warren F. Disbrow's
SCARLET MOON, following a successful theatrical premiere in New York City,  is now in retail stores across the USA and Canada and on the internet. Other countries such as Japan, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, China and England are also selling SCARLET MOON (region 1 copies). In USA get it at Best Buy,, Borders,,, Virgin Records, Tower records, Blockbuster, J-R Records,,,, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Easy Video,
practically every DVD outlet you can think of. If you don't see it on the shelf, ask for it. Re-stocking at some stores can be very slow. Borders are re-stocking it now and Tower Records both in NJ and NY carry it.


The positive reviews of SCARLET MOON are starting to come in:

"If Warren F. Disbrow is comparable to  a  genre  David Lynch,  then   SCARLET MOON
is his DUNE. Dripping with ambition, dense with ideas and attempting the idiosyncratic, this determined effort at a new modern mythology works...Warren F. Disbrow Jr. represents the reason independent film continues to thrive. Outside the mindless mainstream of demographically determined moviemaking, here is a man who plays by his own arcane rules and put his own unique stamp on even the most tired of terror tenets. And if that's not the definition of 'auteur', it's hard to imagine what is.Warren F. Disbrow is indeed an auteur. Imagine what he could do with an actual mainstream budget. SCARLET MOON is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." - Bill Gibron, DVDTALK.

"Wildly, weirdly resourcrful no-budget director Warren F. Disbrow helms this deranged horror comedy of apocalyptic proportions" - Turner Classic Movies.
""Headed by Warren F. Disbrow in the seat of the writer, director, all around do-everything guy, you just can't go wrong" - Reviewer Marc Patterson.

guycamilleriassataniccultleaderedwardcrowley.jpg,scarlet moon motion picture,satanic,genius film maker, dark beginnings, invasion for flesh and blood, flesh eaters from outer space, warren disbrow,prof hertz,vampiress, occult,ny times critics choice,theater release,violence,sex,nudity,horror,comedy,action,end of world,christ,monsters,dracula,prof hertz
Cults of the Undead Performing Blood Sacrifices SCARLET MOON

The site features photos, reviews, cast and crew bios, screening dates, new release dates, collectables and merchandise. 
desktopinvasionposter.jpg, war of the worlds,nj feature filmmaker, film maker,director,writer,horror,scifi movies, new jersey,ny times, troma entertainment,visual experiences motion picture company llc,dark beginnings, invasion for flesh and blood, flesh eaters from outer space, bloody dead,garden state film festival,nudity,violence,horror,aliens,monsters,comedy,gore, space,
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Damned Souls Mutating into Monsters DARK BEGINNINGS

leedspoint.jpg, warren f disbrow,demon at leedspoint,nj film maker,world wide,warren f disbrow we salute you and your amazing movies,genius,when genius appears at your doorstep it has to be acknowledged warren f disbrow we salute you and your amazing movies,high budget low budget it doesn't matter the funniest damn movie ive seen in years,russia,england,usa,canada,bulgium,france,germany,italy,supernatural, horror, comedy, scifi, thrills, cult classic,sex,violence,blood,splatter,godzilla,dracula,spiderman,

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Sadistic Bloodthirsty Vampires DARK BEGINNINGS

dinosinwoods.jpg, warren f disbrow, genius film maker warren f disbrow,highly recommended,dinosaurs,rulers of the apocalypse,scarlet moon,dark beginnings,vampires,invasion for flesh and blood,flesh eaters from outer space,ny times critics choice,warren f disbrow we salute you and your amazing movies,spielberg,king,romero,fantastic,thriller,chills,scary,haunted

scarlet42.jpg,real corpse,really dead,bloody corpse,scarlet moon,dark beginnings,ny times,sex,violence,horror,vampires,occultism,invasion for flesh and blood,invasion for flesh and blood,scarlet moon,haunting of holly house,haunted hay ride the movie, warren f disbrow,writer director feature films warren f disbrow,world famous,thrills,chills,forry ackerman, mike bruce, alice cooper,king,smith,new jersey,england,usa,canada,germany,russia,belgium,france,prof hertz,warren disbrow sr
Innocent victims butchered DARK BEGINNINGS

darkbeginningst2.jpg,warren f disbrow, genius film maker,ny times critics choice warren f disbrow,nj film maker,vampires,ann rice,rock,alice cooper,michael bruce,lust,nudity,death,blood,comedy,world famous,fangoria magaine,scary movies,wild,fun,erotic,violence,end of the world, great horror movies,brilliant filmmakers,cronenberg,romero,king,raimi,evil dead,vampire cult
The new generation of vampires DARK BEGINNINGS

nightshiftghoul.jpg, warren disbrow sr, prof hertz,night shift movie,ghoul,graveyard,grave,death,violence,warren f disbrow, ny times critics choice,john russo, king,cronenberg,horror movies,jersey state college,new jersey, nj feature film maker, cult classics, world wide distribution,nightmares,bad dreams,shock, motion pictures,writer director warren f disbrow
Grave robbing ghouls NIGHTSHIFT

Classic Silent Film footage made to look brand new
gazeebo3.jpg, dark beginnings, warren f disbrow, nosferatu,vampires,1922,castle dracula,colorized,photoshop,professor hertz,warren f disbrow sr,arty,supernatural,mike christopher lee cgi,scarlet moon
Actual footage from 1922 classic NOSFERATU restored and colorized featured in 2007's DARK BEGINNINGS

From 1967's adult CAPTAIN SCARLET British TV show
CaptainScarletPuppets.jpg, gerry anderson, scarlet, captain scarlet,marionettes,spectrum,cloud base,puppets,1960s classic tv,british classics,thunderbirds,stingray,joe 90,secret service,freball xl 5,sylvia anderson, warren disbrow anderson fan,warren f disbrow gerry anderson collection
Captain Scarlet, Destiny Angel,Captain Blue and Col.White 22 inch marionettes delivering adult drama


Warren Disbrow's newest thriller
HHPOSTER.jpg, haunted hay ride, horror movie, new feature film, Warren Disbrow, New Jersey filmmaker, Genius, scary, Scarlet Moon, Invasion For Flesh and Blood, Clerks, blood, sex, skulls, classic, thriller, best horror, action, NY Times Critics Choice, Romero, Cronenberg,Carpenter,Spielberg,the rag, world wide distribution, cult, highly recommended, artist, author, sculptor,movie director,serial killer, supernatural, scif fi, warren disbrow auteur, visual experiences motion picture, exorcist, Kevin Smith
HAUNTED HAY RIDE: THE MOVIE is the first installment of three movies to be filmed in 2008. ,

warrendisbrowforad2.jpg, haunted hay ride movie,genius,ny times critics choice,horror,fantasy,nj movies,sex,violence,occult,successful director, writer,sculptor,kevin smith,romero,cronenberg,corman,spielberg,godzilla,spiderman,invasion for flesh and blood,scarlet moon,flesh eaters from outer space,bloody dead,dark beginnings,drive in madness,bloody dead,clerks,genius filmmaker,exciting,scary,artist,the rag,variety,captain scarlet,thunderbirds,mike bruce, forry ackerman,monsters,alice cooper,warren disbrow
Read about Warren F. Disbrow in the December 4th,2005 issue of The NY Times

profhertzwarrendisbrowsrdoinganalienautopsy.jpg, warren disbrow,feature filmmaker, ny times critics choice,variety,world renoun,horror, sci fi, fantasy, invasion for flesh and blood, flesh eaters from outer space,scarlet moon,dark beginnings,new jersey movies,king,romero,smith,sex,violence,horror,action,serial killers,forrest j ackerman,thunderbirds,captain scarlet,warren disbrow sr,classic horror,Hammer films,roger corman,Warren Disbrow,auteur,writer,director,sculptor,movie editor,sex,vampires,monsters

anderasdominicgregoriaslicesopenvictimsneck.jpg,vampires,occult,warren disbrow,scarlet moon movie, invasion for flesh and blood, dark beginnings,haunted hayride the movie,haunted hay ride movie,sex,violence,horror, christ,warren disbrow,Corman,Romero,famous,spiderman,alice cooper,forry ackerman,movies,smith,haunted hay ride the movie,troma,exorcist,invasion for flesh and blood,fangoria,clerks,warren f disbrow,roger corman,serial killers,supernatural,warren disbrow,scary movies,exciting,good investment
Satanic Vampire Murders SCARLET MOON

satanyaannmairedonatoeatingmagicmushrooms.jpg, scarlet moon, warren disbrow,famous,new jersey filmmaker, new jersey movies,smith,corman,romero,artists,genius,ny times critics choice, scarlet moon movie,flesh eaters from outer  space,invasion for flesh and blood,clerks,spiderman,exorcist,writer,director,warren f disbrow,king,blood,sex,death,occult,horror,fantasy movies,action,nudity,sci fi, forry ackerman,alice cooper, michael bruce, shock, serial killers,monsters,creatures,aliens,UFO,nightmares,haunted
Satanya (Annie Donato) in SCARLET MOON

sandralynnkathymonksabouttobeattacked.jpg, Warren F disbrow,Warren Disbrow,movies,sci fi, horror,genius filmmaker,ny times critics choice,variety magazine,sex,violence,monsters,invasion for flesh and blood,flesh eaters from outer space,scarlet moon,dark beginnings,haunted hay ride the movie,nj movies, nj filmmakers,artists in nj,blood,horror,sex,nudity,violence,roger corman,romero,cronenberg,Bloody dead,world famous,the reason why independent filmmaking continues to thrive, amazing movies,instant classic,
Heroines Fighting Unearthly Monsters INVASION FOR FLESH AND BLOOD

STA70546.JPG, Haunted Hay Ride The Movie, Haunted hayride,horror movies,fantasy,spielberg,godzilla,hammer films,genius,sci fi,scarlet moon movie, invasion for flesh and blood, flesh eaters from outer space ny times critics choice,warren disbrow,haunted hay ride the movie, the hauntng of holly house,forry ackerman,troma,clerks,vampires,satanists,monsters,violence,eroticism,horror,scarlet moon,blood,gore,haunted,sci fi,famous,feature films,awards,celebrity ny times
Hate killing his brutal father in 2008's HAUNTED HAY RIDE: THE MOVIE

STA70631.JPG,haunted hay ride the movie, haunted house,scarlet moon movie, flesh eaters from outer space,invasion for flesh and blood,clerks,blood,sex,classic horror,horror flicks,stephen king,invasion for flesh and blood,sex,gore,violence,fantastic movies,auteur,new jersey feature filmmaker, film maker nj,thrills,fun,scary,dark beginnings,demons,ny times critics choice,michael bruce,alice cooper,ackerman,the haunting of holly house,new horror,splatter,ghosts,steven spielberg, stephen king,saw,ring,clerks
HATE killing another victim in HAUNTED HAY RIDE:THE MOVIE

meandmikehertzattroma.jpg, troma movies, lloyd Kaufman,Michael  herz,warren f disbrow, warren disbrow, scarlet moon movie, invasion for flesh and blood,ny times profiled,ny times celebrity,ny times critics choice, invasion for flesh and blood,dark beginnings,haunted hayride the movie,haunted hay ride the movie,genius filmmaker,blood,sex,horror,violence,monsters,aliens,UFO,author,alice cooper,michael bruce,rock,marilyn manson,serial killer, hate,ackerman,toxic avenger,shock,splatter,godzilla,dracula,vampires
Warren Disbrow with Troma's Michael Herz in the heart of Tromaville.

benanshertzrfeduced50percent.jpg, scarlet moon movie, haunted hay ride the movie,dark beginnings,invasion for flesh and blood,flesh eaters from outer space, professor hertz,sex,horror,magic,exciting,monsters,action,classic horror movies,horror movies, stephen king,george a romero,david cronenberg,john carpenter,wes craven,cgi,star trek,godzilla,creature from the black lagoon,dracula,vampires,frankenstein,monsters,steven spielberg,world wide distribution, new jersey feature filmmaker,nj filmmaker,independent
Prof Hertz and fan Ben Sbar. Ben supplied music for DARK BEGINNINGS and is doing some PR for us.

hertzholdingnosferatupuppet.jpg,professor hertz,scarlet moon movie,invasion for flesh and blood, flesh eaters from outer space,ny times critics choice,horror,sci fi,great nj movie,nj feature film maker,splatter cinema,blood,animation,alice cooper,godzilla,dracula,vampires,horror movies,serial killers, sex,world renoun,violene, imaginative,auteur,thrills,monmouth county,stephen king,new jersey motion pictures,smith,blood,scary magazine,fangoria
Warren Disbrow Sr holds the 22 inch tall Nosferatu marionette used in DARK BEGINNINGS.

goodnosferatupuppetshot.jpg,horror movies,silent movies,german horror,gerry anderson,captain scarlet,haunted hay ride, haunted hay ride the movie,scarlet moon movie,dark beginnings,dracula,vampires,sam raimi,spiderman,demons,flesh eaters from outer space, invasion for flesh and blood,thrills,chills,sex,violence,horror,comedy,new jersey feature filmmaker, nj film maker  warren disbrow,supernatural,ghosts,haunted
22 inch tall Nosferatu marionette on his minature castle set for the up coming DARK BEGINNINGS.

dinofullz.jpg, independent artists, nj artists,feature film makers of nj,warren f disbrow,ghost,new jersey movies,dinosaurs,rulers of the apocalypse,horror,violence,great movie, united artists of nj
Making Dinosaurs for RULERS OF APOCALYPSE

shrunk000_scarlet-dec-white-noskull.jpg,troma classic,best troma film,vampires,sex,warren f disbrow,horror,comedy,invasion for flesh and blood, flesh eaters from outer space, haunted hay ride the movie, dark beginnings,horror movies,thrillers,supernatural,violence,ny times,variety,death,feature film makers nj
DVD Box Art for the Troma release of SCARLET MOON

aainvasionboxart.jpg, troma, classic horror, cult classics, nj feature filmmaker, nj film maker,warren f disbrow,ny times,violence,nudity,sex,blood,sci fi,horror,monsters,aliens,fangoria,clerks,smith,splatter effects,theatrical release,fanastic,thiller,thrills,scary,funny,adult,castration,nudity,warren disbrow,writer director warren disbrow, new jersey feature classic, world famous, genius,amazon,ebay,best buy,borders,cult classics,clerks,smith,splatter,blood

exorcist.jpg, actual casting of linda blair in dick smiths exorcist makeup,warren f disbrow sci fi horror collection,props,horror,demons,scary movies,haunted haqy ride the movie, scarlet moon, dark beginnings,bloody dead,invasion for flesh qand blood,clerks,warren disbrow,smith,major motion picture,supernatural,satan,fantasy,violence
EXORCIST head cast one of many motion picture props in Warren Disbrow's collection

invasiondvd.jpg,amazing,brilliant,fanastic,sci fi, horror,comedy,genius,world famous,warren f disbrow, warren disbrow,ny jersey classics, nj feature filmmaker, nj film maker,demons,clerks,kevin smith,award winning, the best,very entertaining,star trek,godzilla,vampires,aliens,monsters,gore,space,classic,ny  times, critics choice,warren f disbrow, scarlet moon movie, haunting of holly house, dark beginnings,flesh  eaters from outer space,invasion for flesh and blood,steven spielberg,fangoria,bestbuy,ebay
Double feature for Halloween BUY IT

World Famous Gerry Anderson TV show mationettes
CaptainScarletPuppestMyCollection.jpg,warren f disbrows gerry anderson collection,gerry  anderson,captain scarlet puppets,col white, captain blue, lt green, captain scarlet,marionettes,1960s,warren disbrow,warren disbrow kick ass web  cite,invasion for flesh and blood, scarlet moon,flesh eaters from outer space,dark beginnings,haunted hay ride the movie,haunting of holly house,genius film maker,ny times critics choice
Some of the numerous 22 inch life-like marionettes in Warren Disbrow's collection

warrendisbrowgoesoverscriptwithactorrobertuhrmann.jpg, haunted hay ride the movie, invasion for flesh and blood, dark beginnings, scarlet moon, flesh eaters from outer space, haunting of holly house, gerry anderson, captain scarlet, new jersey filmmaker, horror movies, sci fi, new york times critics choice, halloween, serial killers, sex, violence, action, king, smith, spielberg,cronenberg,romero, fun, exciting, scary, genius filmmaker, world famous, we salute you and your amazing movies, true auteur
Writer-Director Warren F. Disbrow (pictured left)

scarlet18.jpg, scarlet moon movie, michael bruce, alice cooper, warren f disbrow, invasion for flesh and blood, flesh eaters from outer space, haunted hay ride, dark beginnings, flesh eaters from outer space, king,smith,new jersey, halloween, haunting of holly house, sex, violence, horror, action, comedy, sci fi, ny times critics choice, auteur, world famous, best dvd, best movie, fun, action, exciting, Warren F Disbrow, gerry anderson, godzilla, vampires, forry ackerman, alice cooper, king, romero, smith
Writer-Director Warren Disbrow on the set of "Scarlet Moon".

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